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Metanoia Pamper Bundle

Metanoia Pamper Bundle

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The Metanoia Pamper Bundle allows you to purchase a bar of our Milk Soap and pair it with a 4 oz Whipped Body Butter or Body Oil of the same scent for an experience your skin will thank you for!

Our Milk Soap creates as very creamy lather that is very nourishing for the skin. Milk provides this bar of soap with vitamin A - the most important vitamin for the skin, lactic acid - an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It assists to gently remove dead skin cells and helps to hydrate and brighten the skin. These bars are packed with other natural ingredients that your skin is going to love!


Calendula infused Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Canola oil, Castor oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil, Stearic acid, Kaolin Clay, Goats milk or Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Aloe Vera Juice and Fragrance oil and/or Essential oil. 

Other Ingredients: Some soaps may contain Activated Charcoal, Colloidal oatmeal, Cocoa Powder and Mica. (Ingredients may vary depending on the bar selected)

For a longer lasting bar, soap should be allowed to dry between uses. A soap dish that provides proper drainage is recommend.

Each bar is hand cut, has its own personality and because of this will range in weight from 4-5 oz.

Our Whipped body butter is designed to moisturize, nourish and leave your skin and hair feeling amazingly soft! Created with all natural ingredients!


Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Mango Butter, Almond oil, Calendula infused Avocado oil, Apricot oil, Vitamin E and Essential/Fragrance oil.

Because our whipped butters are handmade, there is some variation in volume between batches. Some batches do not whip as high as others, and thus do not fill the container all the way to the top. This is rare, but it does not mean that you have received less, as the weight of product placed into each container remains consistent.

Our Body oil is packed with most of the same oils that our Whipped Body Butter has plus MORE! Calendula infused Avocado oil, Apriot oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil to name few! This is a great alternative to the butter but provides a lighter feel that's still capable of moisturizing, nourishing and loving your skin! Available in 2 oz and 4 oz and in all the same scents as the body Butter! 


Almond oil, Apricot oil, Argan oil, Calendula infused Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Essential/Fragrance oil.

View the fragrance list for a description of our many fragrances before making your selection.

Please Note:

If you have any skin allergies to any of the ingredients please contact us so that accommodations can be made.

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